Suppliers to the geotechnical, mineral exploration and geothermal industries

Welcome to Rok-Max Drilling Tools the U.K.’s foremost designers and suppliers of deep hole coring and sampling equipment for both offshore and onshore applications.

We have over 35 years experience designing and manufacturing all types of core barrels for geotechnical and mineral exploration to suit a vast range of applications and extreme environments, including spot cores in deep geothermal holes with temperatures exceeding 500ºC to wireline piston coring soft sediments in sub zero temperatures.

Rok-Max Drilling ToolsServices offered:

  • Drilling, Engineering & geotechnical consultancy
  • Drilling & coring equipment design
  • Drillrods and Drill Collars
  • Casing and Stainless Steel Well Screen
  • Core barrels - Wireline, Metric, Geothermal and Geotechnical
  • Stabalizers and Hole-openers
  • Tri-cone Rock Roller Bits, New and Re-run
  • T.C., PDC , Diamond and roller cone core heads
  • PDC Mudmotor Drillbits
  • Directional Mudmotors
  • Fishing Tools, Subs, Hoist Plugs, Handling Tools

Authorised Distributor of:

rotpackAmerican Manufacturing - Quality Mud Pumps and Parts

American Manufacturing is a quality manufacturer of replacement parts for the wide variety of mud pumps, centrifugal pumps, drilling rigs, and swivels found on the World market today.

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UK Agents for:

rotpackROTPACK - Handles return flow from drillholes

RotPack prevents spills when drilling through pockets of gas, fluids and radioactive materials. Slimhole BOP for AQ through to SQ/SW (Max through hole size 180mm)

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Authorised Distributor of:

rotpackINROCK - Hydraulic Safety Tongs

Mud Motors and Hole Openers. A totally portable, hydraulic powered, make-up/break-out tong set. Quick and easy hook up to handle your toughest connections with ease, control and safety.

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